Alpha Tau Omega/ Phi Delta Theta Fraternity Houses
In the aftermath of April’s tornadoes, our hearts go out to the regions that experienced devastation at the hands of these destructive storms. Our thoughts and prayers are with these Communities as they attempt to rebuild their cities and livelihoods.
As the Tuscaloosa area rebuilds, Seay, Seay & Litchfield continues forth with our work on the University of Alabama Campus with the Alpha Tau Omega and Phi Delta Theta Fraternity Houses.  Nearing completion, the Alpha Tau Omega House is expected to be ready for occupancy this Fall Semester. In the heart of campus, this state-of-the-art facility provides brothers and alumni with premier living quarters and sophisticated fellowship spaces that will satisfy their growing Chapter and social functions.
The relocation of the Phi Delta Theta into a new Chapter House commands attention, at the corner of University Boulevard and Second Avenue. The economical and energy efficient Chapter House will provide the occupancy of 30 Dorms, House Manager Suite, full-service Kitchen capable of serving both the Dining Hall and adjoining Fellowship Hall concurrently, naturally-lit Chapter Room, Recreation Room, Library, Formal Sitting Area, Study Hall, Laundry Room, and secured Social Courtyard to accommodate large Game Day events.