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Dannelly Staircase Receives AIA Award

The AIA of Montgomery annually recognizes excellence in the architectural work of its members. In December of 2011, Platt Boyd and Jeff Bazzell were on hand to accept Seay, Seay & Litchfield’s Honorable Mention for the Stair detail at Dannelly Field’s new Composite Operations and Training Headquarters.

A double-height space with a mezzanine lines the front of Headquarters Building. Aligned with the front entry, a main stair mediates between levels, lofting from the ground to this mezzanine in a graceful swooping curve. A weighty cast-in-place concrete form receives the base of the stair, allowing its intricate steel structure to remain elevated above the ground plane.

The stair is held by a single steel tube, circular in section and curved in two degrees along its length. SS&L designed a custom cast aluminum module to interface between this tube and the treads and rail supports. While the overall swooping form mimics the movement of flight, the machined aesthetics of the module mimics plane construction itself.The industrial palette of the cast aluminum modules and stainless steel rail supports and cables is juxtaposed with the warmth of wood in the treads and handrails. Together, these balance a machine aesthetic and invitation for human interaction.

Troy University Dining Facility Opening

Troy University excitably awaits the opening of their New Dining Facility, which is currently under construction. Designed to serve students and the Campus community, the 58,000 square foot Dining Hall includes dining spaces, storage, food prep areas, as well as suitable arrangements for food and equipment delivery. With 7,000 faculty, staff and students on campus and an average of 2,000 participating in the resident dining program, the building design accommodates the ebb and flow of dining traffic while complimenting the Campus’s overall traditional design. By design, its flexibility allocates for open spaces that easily flow from one to another, utilizing natural light that enhances the interior spaces.

Distinct Features of the Dining Hal include:

Four “All You Can Eat”, Creative Serveries for Buffet-Style Dining

Retail Dining Spaces, Moe’s Southwest Grill and Boarshead Deli

Exclusive Dining Restaurant

Civic Meeting Rooms, for privately served dinners and banquets

Chancellor’s Dining Hall adorned with high-end finishes, chandeliers, and handsome carpeting for the uses of special occasions and intimate gatherings

New Courtyard serving as a gathering area for students and game day participants, as well as exterior seating for overflow for the Dining Facility

Expected to be one of the finest dining facilities in the Southeast, tremendous attention was given to the Building’s placement, which significantly improves Campus life. Seamless connection to existing facilities and vibrant choices throughout the interior environment ensure this Facility will provide a pleasing and sustainable environment as the Troy University Campus continues to blossom.