Green Design, the latest trend in the Architecture and Construction Industry, has left many consumers questioning the benefits, costs, and environmental responsibilities of this practice. True to our age-of-information-overload, there is a wealth of knowledge available to the consumer regarding green design practices. The key is sorting through this information to determine an environmentally-conscious and cost-effective manner to implement these applications.

Our built environment accounts for the greatest use of our environment’s resources and produces more carbon dioxide emissions than any other sector.  While, it is the responsibility of our community to preserve and protect our natural surroundings, green practices may offer consumers additional significant value, such as:

  • Holistic approach for design solutions that inherently function correctly, for full system capability and minimal energy loss by the proper selection of Mechanical Systems
  • Thermal Resistance and Energy Efficiency through the correct choice of building envelope and the subsequent proper management
  • Enhanced thermal comfort levels and benefits of natural day-lighting which are proven to increase productivity

Utilizing these various strategies through Renovation services offer the most benefit for both our environment and the economically-resourceful client. Hence, SS&L is offering a Resource Conscious Renovation Lunch and Learn/Seminar, free of charge to interested parties across the Southeast.  Through the examination of building’s life cycle costs we will discuss why operations and maintenance costs vastly outweigh design and construction costs.  Greater building efficiency can meet 85% of future U.S. demand for energy, and a national commitment to energy efficiency has made this economically feasible through new ways of thinking and advanced technologies.  Through the use of existing resources and advanced strategies, clients achieve the Triple Bottom Line – a balance between, social, environmental, and economical prosperity.

Please contact our office for details and scheduling.