Cheaha Cabins

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Cheaha Cabins

Delta, Alabama

Alabama’s Cheaha State Park is located within the Talladega National Forest and contains the highest point in the State. As one of nature’s sought after destinations, its maintains capacities such as Motel Cabins, Chalets, a Restaurant Observation Tower, Lodge, Museum, and support facilities for patrons and staff. Seay, Seay & Litchfield was hired by the Alabama Department of Conservation & Natural Resources to improve existing facilities and add to the existing structures within the park for an approximate construction cost of $10,000,000 over multiple phases.

Scope of this work included renovation to the Motel, Restaurant, and five Chalets. Eleven rustic CCC Cabins were also completed as SS&L began design of the Bald Rock Lodge and Restoration of the Observation Tower. As for future construction, SS&L worked closely with the owners and users to improve comfort stations, open pavilions, bathhouses, and storage facilities throughout the park while addressing its entrance for the creation of public green spaces and breathtaking views. Design for a connection of the existing motel to the restaurant was also provided, so to permit additional office spaces, motel units, conferencing rooms, and further restaurant space.