Troy University Dining Facility

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Troy University Dining Facility

Troy University in Troy, AL

Housing both commercial and “all you can eat” venues — along with a range of spaces for dining, meeting, loading, storage, preparation, cooking, and serving — the design of the Dining Facility required complex integration of programs and specialties. Atop of this was the added complication of the site’s significant topography and deep footprint, both a hindrance to circulation and daylighting.

Embedding the building into this topography served two purposes: it mediated the elevation changes such that both floors serve as ground level at various entries, and it allowed the massive building to appear small and maintain a contextually appropriate scale.

While the high topography hides the back-of-house areas on the south side of the building, the low allowed the spatial enclosure of an exterior courtyard, shielded from the sun on the north side and surrounded by covered porches. This new exterior space activates the heavily-walked boulevard of campus.

To allow sunlight to penetrate the deep floor plate, a large opening was cut into the second floor creating an interior courtyard from the first floor to the expansive kalwall skylights of the ceiling.

Serveries surround this atrium on both floors. Each is unique and highly detailed, reflecting the particular style and flavor of the food it serves.  The surrounding dining zones, consequently,  blend these diverse serveries into a coherent space.