Valley Community Center

Nearly 20 years ago, Seay, Seay and Litchfield designed the Community Center for Valley, Alabama. Because of the success of the existing Valley Community Center that SS&L had designed nearly 20 years ago, in 2014 we were consulted once again to perform an addition to expand the center by roughly 5000 square feet. With this addition, the center included an area that catered specifically to senior citizens. Within this addition, room was allocated for a computer lab/library, a game/craft space, a large dining area to serve for senior activities such as bingo, a catering kitchen for the serving of hot meals, and an expansion of the existing facility exercise room.  Within the existing facilities, SS&L also performed work to renovate both the floors of the pool deck and basketball courts. that had began to wear out over the past 20 years. With this new addition, the Valley Community Center will continue to best serve its’ citizens for another 20 years to come.